A Simple Wish to Go ‘Home’; Seeking A Cure for An Epidemic Disease Known as Indigence

I am The Homeless Housewife. 

There are dozens of mothers with children  who, like my family, to this day remain homeless…..   Yet nobody can tell by looking at us…We don’t act, dress, or smell the part. We work, go to school, go to the grocery store, walk through the mall, and drive in cars…. …just like 98% of the population.  We walk, talk and act just like everyone else. You may have walked right past us and not even known it. We are actors, invisible, like chameleons.  We have the tendency to blend right in, not on purpose, or to trick or fool you. Simply because that is who we are.  We hold onto every shred of dignity and pride that we have left…. because essentially that is all we have left.

See, there are many homeless individuals like me…We will remain invisible. Not because we choose to, but for a variety of reasons.  We are the unseen.   We are in hopes of a miracle. We hold in our hearts a simple wish that remains ungranted….. a wish to go ‘HOME’.

Though we have made every effort to seek assistance, we are unsuccessful. We remain not helped, and not assisted, and we get rejected by every ‘”homeless advocate” agency in town..                                                                                                                               

And these agencies do not offer alternative solutions for us.  Instead, they allow us to walk out their door with utter defeat and offer no solution to this epidemic disease we refer to as indigence.
We don’t want to be noticed, so…we remain the unseen homeless victims of circumstance, who damn well make sure we do not portray anything but the quintessential perfect family to any unsuspecting onlooker. Because hell will freeze over before anyone discovers our dark, dirty little secret.
We have been passed over repeatedly, with not even a blink.
We want you to know, we are right outside your door. And though you sit in your cozy little house, we need you to realize that you may be next.
They say that the only thing that’s sure, is that nothing is sure. So, take heed, and don’t take your comfort for granted because in an instant your world too, can change.

  One more piece of advice….. If you seek assistance from your local homeless  service providers, one thing is certain…. You will REMAIN homeless.

The Homeless Housewife is actively seeking sponsorship for The Homeless Housewife’s Cause

Seeking a solution and a cure to this epidemic disease we refer to as indigence.

  • The Homeless Housewife is raising funds in hopes of a miracle; a wish to go ‘Home’. 
  • Make a difference today.
  • Grant a wish for a family that wants to go ‘HOME’.
  • On behalf of Housing-Challenged Families in Santa Barbara, CA.

All proceeds go towards the cause of getting women & their children to avoid homelessness and to remain or regain a home.

A simple contribution of any amount will make a difference today for families that live in the streets.


The Homeless Housewife was established in 2011 as an independent agency, to evaluate and monitor how homeless families are treated by the nationally funded outreach agencies in Santa Barbara, California. In recent years, outreach personnel, and other public agencies have made efforts to reach out to homeless families, explaining the process and lending support. The existence of The Homeless Housewife provides oversight and advocacy when the outreach agencies fails them.  The Homeless Housewife, as an independent agency, will monitor and evaluate the provision of services to homeless families and to advance policies throughout Santa Barbara that promote the fair and just treatment of homeless people throughout the city.  Profits from these donations will be used to finance this year's program.  The Homeless Housewife operates as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of California, and is pending classification by the IRS under section 501(c)3. The Homeless Housewife,  A Non-Profit Corporation.  All donations to our agency are tax-deductible under publication 526 of the Internal Revenue Service PO Box 23148 Santa Barbara, CA. 93121 EIN: 45-3979234 https://www.homelesshousewife.yolasite.com Email: homelesshousewife@hotmail.com


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