The Homeless Housewife, as an independent agency, will monitor and evaluate the provision of services to homeless families and to advance policies throughout Santa Barbara that promote the fair and just treatment of homeless people throughout the city. 

 The Homeless Housewife was established in 2011 as an independent agency, to evaluate and monitor how homeless families are treated by the nationally funded outreach agencies in Santa Barbara, California. In recent years, outreach personnel, and other public agencies have made efforts to reach out to homeless families, explaining the process and lending support. The existence of The Homeless Housewife provides oversight and advocacy when the outreach agencies fails them. 

Homeless advocates count statistics, take surveys, and make ten-year plans. But , when it comes time to use the organization’s funds to help pay for apartments, or utilities, or anything else…they clam up, acting ‘God‘ like and send us off with our heads between our legs.

There are many women and children that become homeless annually. Most of these women are never assisted by the homeless advocate agencies. The Homeless Housewife is here to lend an ear, a hand, and some real live solutions to your situation.

Our future plans are to establish a home for professional women who are now homeless, so they can move on with their lives.

Homeless Families Are Becoming An Epidemic Right In Your Neighborhood!  Your $1.00- payment will help get mothers and children off the streets and into a home. Please help today. 

Click on the ‘Quick link’ Button on our website for a one time payment that entitles you to membership of The Homeless Housewife which includes a monthly newsletter! 


On A Personal Note…

I’ve been married, divorced, have a bachelors degree, been a professional business woman,  raised children, been a victim of domestic violence.

Now I am a survivor, taking things into my own hands in order to make life for my family better again.  The economy is tough and doesn’t discriminate.  

My future plans are to open a 6-10 room home for women like myself.

Best of luck to all, and I hope I can help. 


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