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Vindale Research

I thought you might be interested in getting paid for your opinion! You can get paid up to $75 per survey, and completing online product and service evaluations:

What’s up! I just signed up with Vindale Research, this site that pays you $5 to $75 for every online survey you complete. It’s easy, and there’s no catch. I think you’d like it, check it out!

Click Here to start making money

Heres my account history…….It works…

Account history

Show Expired  Refresh
  • Verified
  • Pending
Activity Name Amount Status
+ Reward Mail(30 items) +$1.10 Verified
Completed Member Profile +$2.00 Verified
Survey 622 – Stamps Software Evaluation +$10.00 Verified Share
Survey 4380 – Insurance Quote Service Evaluation +$2.00 Verified Share
Survey 219 – Jewelry Business Starter Kit Evaluation +$8.00 Verified Share
Survey 5884 – Online Toolkit Product Evaluation +$9.00 Verified Share
Survey 1172 – Mobile Phone Voicemail-to-Text Evaluation +$5.00 Verified Share
Survey 4478 – Online Printing Service Evaluation +$8.00 Verified Share
Survey 6642 – Auto Insurance Quote Evaluation +$2.00 Verified Share
Survey 3286 – Online Bingo Evaluation +$33.00 Verified Share
PayPal Payment – #44P01022T95379743 -$50.00 Paid Share
Accelerated Training Tutorial +$5.00 Verified
Verified balance  $35.10

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